I have recently visited the Whitworth Gallery on a University trip to help inspire our minds in order to open ourselves to new ideas and challenges. I felt some of the things in the gallery was a bit too simple for me, something that I didn’t like was one of the 3D pieces where it was a rug with a chair on. I felt like their was no narrative behind this and it was just something that we see everyday therefor can’t be significance to art.

However I did find some elements that really inspired me.

Whitworth GalleryHere shows a piece that I really love. It reminds me of people running and reminds me of something that could be seen in a sports commercial. I also like how the colours are very simple and this design focuses on minimalism. This is a modern way of design and the modern way of thinking to keep things simple. It also creates the idea of less is more which is something that I learnt in my seminar with Anna. This is something that Modernists support however isn’t what Post Modernists agree with.

I also really like the following to the left below. I really like this due to the way the typography is slightly distorted with several layers. I think this design even though its Black & White is really fun, bold andvery rememberable. I also liked the piece below to the right.I liked this due to the colour and the way this piece can be seen from every angle. This is something that can be really hard to do due to the piece being 3D and each way you view the piece needs to be just as strong.

Whitworth GalleryWhitworth Gallery