In the workshop we looked into the visualisation of art. We started looking into some of the most influential art work to date and how over the years other artists have developed this and created an interpretation of this in a modern way. This has allowed new artists to take something already existent and make it their own through the use of new techniques and new development in the art world.
We then started to look at the work of Richard Hamilton and his “Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different?’. He also followed in this same strategy and recreated his own work from the 1950s.

The Task

Our task was to do something similar however we would look into what is occurring in our every day life. I came up with several ideas that I could base my piece on including:

Social Media

After coming up with a range of different concepts, I wanted to try and make this piece more relatable to me. I thought about my local area and where I am from we are currently facing problems with young teenagers from the age of 10-13 that are ruining Hyde by breaking windows, bus stops, terrorising the people of Hyde and causing damage. This has had such an effect that people aren’t leaving their home including the elderly as the teenagers have been physically and verbally abusive. I wanted to create something that could represent this through a simplistic approach yet Is very easy to understand.

My idea was to have two symmetrical houses facing each other with an old women inside scared from the window. I wanted to create a sense of leading lines and forcing the viewers eyes to concentrate on the middle of the image by having a young male in the middle with the street light facing down directly on him. I wanted the male to be dressed in very dark clothing to symbolise the sense of darkness and mystery. After the workshop I went away and decided to digitise my ideas in Illustrator. Below shows the outcome of this:

I decided to make the young males face more unrealistic than the old women as I wanted to connote the idea of him being very simple and basic and create a sense of him being a nobody. I focused on making the elder women’s facial expressions and characteristics as realistic as possible to make her scared face look more human like.
I really enjoyed this workshop as I enjoyed stepping out of the box. I feel this is something I don’t do often as I fear some of my points can never be communicated the way I want them to be. I felt that brain storming and thinking about what I wanted to achieve before hand really allowed me to visualise the process and outcome I wanted. Moving forward this is a skill I can transfer to my briefs.


I really liked todays workshop. I felt like it opened my mind and forced me to think outside of the box. It also taught me that before a project I should spend some time brain storming and considering all my elements before getting to the final piece. If I would of jumped to the final piece, I would of struggled to be able to make my digital visuals. Instead, after a lot of thinking and time, I have designed something that has a lot of narrative behind it and has been communicated well because of my mind map and thoughts. This is something I will start doing more of for my projects.