In my workshop with John, we looked at creating the alphabet with our 3 chosen typography designs from the last workshop. I had designed 3 completely different typography designs so I felt this might be really complicated as I only worked with a few letters last time.
Typography isn’t something I’ve been involved in that much in the past as I usually focus more on colour, composition and other similar elements however it was fun and challenging to have a new focus.
Below shows my typography designs from my first workshop.

The Workshop
Typography 1
I started off with my first typography design, this was quite grungy and bold. In every letter, an arrow was present so the challenge in this case was how can I get the arrow to be involved in the typography without it looking too much or out of place. I decided for the letters that curved more that the arrow could curve inside for example C or G. For letters that was more straight lined I decided that a line could be included with the arrow at the end for example A,B and D. I really liked this typography as I thought it was fun and really cool. I could see this being used with street signs, metro links and public transport as it represents the line that trains or busses follow.

Typography 2
This is my second typography design in the style of the two market pens. I decided not to use colour to show this as then this design could be created with different colours available to pick from. Also I wanted to make this really neat and easy to see to give me an idea where the colours would go. I really like this as I think this is really fun and the design follows a lot of linear work. I think this is really fun and could be used with neon style colours for night clubs and similar party events.
Typography 3
For the final typography, I decided to change it so it wasn’t big and bold as I have already had the past two follow this style. I decided to do this one handwritten with curls coming off the letters. I felt this was a French style typography and was very fluid and fun. This typography doesn’t seem to have any limitations which is what I liked the most about this. This type of typography I could see on wedding invitations or even for cake companies or florists. I think this typography is more focused on women and women brands.
My favourite typography is the first one as I think even though it was very time consuming, its really grungy and fun. I also love the idea of this being used on railways and public transport.
My second favourite is the second one as I like the idea of the use of neon colours and also how some of the letters for example C has the letter inside it several times which shows the idea of repetition with the type.
Finally my last favourite typography is the last one, I think this is because of personal preference as I work with more grungy type of typography as calligraphy isn’t something that stands out to me or interests me a lot.