Today in my workshop we was focusing on working with the cameras and pushing ourselves to more complicated experiments. Our brief was to bring a lyric/quote with some textures and illustrations. I choose the quote “The job of the artist is to to deepen the mystery” – Francis Bacon. I decided to draw a small magnifying glass that can be visible through the camera when working in After Effects. I also looked at a range of textures including an image I took myself of stone/rubble to add the idea of finding objects on the floor in this type of environment, a footprint of a shoe I did myself with paint and scanned in also a range of smoke type textures. Below shows my components:

I had a vision for my work and I really wanted to create a sense of mystery. My ideas was to have the magnifying glass to hoover over some of the words and then the camera will go through the object fast and slow back down to create an eerie feeling, finishing on the second part of the quote and the name of who said it. I worked with the  Point of Interest, Position Tool and added a slight curve in order for the camera to start moving to the side.

After the Workshop
I really enjoyed todays workshop and I felt like I picked this up quite well. However figuring out the camera was hard at some parts and this is something I wanted to spend a bit more time on. I decided to try this concept again however in a fast moving piece of music. I choose to have a quick burst of imagery at the start which I made myself using chalk and then I scanned this in. In some areas I then worked with the camera technique which I learnt in todays workshop. I felt like this was a combination of everything I have learnt so far and it works really well to the beat of the music. I am really happy with how I am progressing in the workshops. Below shows my final outcome:

When I first got told the brief, I found it really hard to gather my components because I couldn’t visualise how my animation would turn out. I decided to do my animation based on a mystery quote. I drew my own magnifying glass and painted one of my shoes and printed this then scanned this in and inverted the colour. My aim was to have the magnifying glass as if it was reading some of the text and then the camera go through the glass. I am really happy with my final outcome and I am shocked as to how I was able to work with the camera and I managed to pick this technique up quite fast. I am starting to feel a lot more confident in After Effects and I have even looked at doing other projects involving animation which is something I would have never done in the past.