Context & Research
For this workshop we was tasked with creating something that could be moved using new techniques in After Effects. I initially wanted to create a character. However when I thought about this, I imagined creating something very simplistic that could follow a narrative style. I had the vision of a clock and thought of the idea of an Alice in Wonderland theme (The Rabbits Clock). I did think about the rabbit however I thought it would be fun to create the mind of the rabbit and how his focus is on the clock and the time. The rabbit carries the clock because he is always late, I always find this funny because he is always late yet the clock is always with him and is so large. This is something that I could work with and purposely create a very large clock or multiple clocks to show the point the time is always infront of him.

Below shows my final outcome:
My thoughts for this was to have the clock hand spinning around. However as I went on I seen a link of my animation to Alice in Wonderland. I decided to work with a similar colour scheme and a lot of clocks as this relates with the rabbit with the clock and also some of the locations that Alice goes too.
I decided to pair this with creepy tick tock music to set the mood. I wanted to create an idea of making the video quite creepy and unexpected as to what happens next.