Today in my workshop with Jay we got stuck in straight away to Cinema 4D, I found myself more interested in this software after spending some extra time playing around after the first workshop, I got use to the way it works and being able to move around and use some effects. I also got used to the idea of the timeline and how this works, It was interesting to see how similar this actually is to After Effects using the idea of the playback, stop, start and the frames and position tools. Today we were looking into Surfaces and Textures. At first, I was a bit worried as I am still unsure of Cinema 4D at this point however I was open to learning. This workshop was very fast paced as we had a lot to get used to and I found it really easy sometimes to loose where we were up to and take notes at the same time but luckily I took screenshots and Jay also has the lesson notes for us to refer back to. I was thinking for my next workshop to print his notes off as well as make my own around this so I don’t fall behind.┬áThe main tip we are given for working with this software is to make a folder on our desktop, one with artwork and one with output so we can keep everything simple and tidy. Below shows my notes:


For Part 1 of our workshop, we are working with creating an animation using shapes, colour and particles to make the objects move together. We worked with a rectangle and the extrude object which I learnt last time, I found this quite easy to find and navigate and started to play around with the luminance again. We did work with a few new techniques such as the pen tool and particles where we adjusted speed and position in order to determine how it will move. Below some screenshots from part 1 of this workshop: I really enjoyed the outcome of this and how 3D something can be using this software. However, I felt like this first part of the workshop was really complex and I felt myself getting lost very easy. I felt like there was a lot of steps to remember to create this compared to the other parts of the workshop. What I really liked about this is how beautiful and abstract the graphics looked like an image even though it was an animation. Below shows the final outcome of this: Tunnel Cinema 4D from Amy Winson on Vimeo.


For the next part of the workshop, we worked with creating waves, this time working with the cube and plane. I found this to be a bit easier than part one as there weren’t as many steps. We also worked with the idea of materials which I now feel more confident using and being able to create, change the colour and the textures. It was quite interesting using the luminance in both the first part and this part to see the different effect this can have. I felt like it enhanced the object making it feel more 3D and used more of a circular composition. I also worked with the idea of the gradient where I changed the colour to achieve a contrast that looked good together. This wasn’t my favourite outcome as I felt it wasn’t as interesting as the cloth or the tunnel however it was really interesting to see how I could create a curve and make it feel so realistic in the software. Below shows the outcome of this animation: Wave Cinema 4D from Amy Winson on Vimeo.


For the final part of the workshop, Jay showed us some ideas of what we could do. We all voted the cloth effect. I was really excited to try this as I have always wondered how designers make something so beautiful and abstract. I was worried thinking I would loose where I am up to again but I was surprised that this also had a short amount of steps. We worked with a cube and changed the co-ords and worked with making this shape editable, I have never seen this before so it was interesting what type of effect it would have. We then worked with selecting two points and the tags, we have been using simulation a lot. It would be interesting to see what else is under tags that I could play around with. I loved how much control I had over the cloth and how I could change the wind direction, gravity and air. I loved this effect, I thought it was so fun and abstract especially when a background was added as it contrasted well. I would love to try this again and have a go on my own and even look into the simulation tags a bit more. Below shows the outcome of this animation: Cloth Cinema 4D from Amy Winson on Vimeo. What surprised me: I was surprised at how much I felt more confident with Cinema 4D after spending some extra time after the last workshop. I felt like I got to understand the software a bit deeper than I did last year and I actually really enjoyed playing around with it. What I found hard: I found taking notes and trying to do the workshop really hard, however, I had an idea to print Jay’s notes of before the next workshop so If I do loose where I am up to I can still refer back and I can make notes on top of his notes that I can put into my own words. Overall outcome: I am very happy I worked on Cinema 4D after the last workshop as it has given me the confidence I didn’t have last year. I really want to keep pushing myself after these workshops as I think it will allow me to find myself and push myself out of my comfort zone even more. I am really impressed that I could navigate around the software and it just shows what practice can achieve.