Today was my last workshop before the end of term 1, I was excited for this workshop as I have been really enjoying my time in Nick’s workshop and being able to play around with things I wouldn’t normally do, I find it refreshing to do the workshops alongside our studio brief as it breaks the week up and allows me to have fun and try new things. This workshop was all about self-portraits and deconstruction then putting our imagery back together again.

Image 1

Our first image was taken from our University account picture, the image was in black and white and quite blurred. This was an image of me ready for a night out therefor I had a bit of makeup on to my usual days. I thought it would be interesting to create a “botched” effect, this image to me seemed like a different representation of myself on a normal day. I wanted to play with this idea by highlighting certain features such as my eyes and mouth in order to highlight the concept of how my eyebrows are drawn on and I have dramatic eye makeup and how I am also wearing lipstick. Below shows the first image I created:

Image 2

My next task was to draw image 1, however, this time by hand. I used my blue pen to draw the image and charcoal pencils to shade in areas that appear darker. Drawing isn’t my strongest point but I wanted to challenge myself in this task to push myself to do something out of my comfort zone. I decided to start off with the basic shapes such as squares and rectangles in order to get the outlines and then add the features of my face. I am actually really pleased and Nick made a great point when I explained I am not a strong drawer and suggested the idea of “What is a drawing?” and what does the piece have to do to be able to be a drawing. I questioned this towards my own work throughout the workshop and thought of this as such an interesting aspect to take away when doing tasks like this in the future. This question and these few words really pushed me to believe in myself and made me have a different vision towards my drawing in the future.

Image 3

For my final image, we were working again with our own portraits but this time with the scanner. We took two scans of our face: one of our faces still and the other of our face moving as we follow the scanner. Our task was to combine the imagery together in some way. One thing that stood out to me was my hair was very prominent in the scanned image but also I felt like the scanner enhanced features of myself I did not like and would prefer for no one else to see. I knew I had to show a piece of work and I wondered how I could think outside the box to still make something interesting yet enhancing my hair at the same time. I decided to cut out parts of my hair in smaller sections and wanted to work with some type of illusion or pattern using it. This brought me to my final image, I worked with collaging and layering the hair pieces over the top of each other to create a pattern style. I am really happy with the outcome of this, I think the layering works really well as I have kept the direction of the hair going the same way. It is also interesting the more you look at this as the piece starts to get weirder and weirder.

The Workshop + Final Outcome

I really enjoyed this workshop, one of the things I liked the most was the amount of time Nick gave us to complete each task, it felt like a good time frame to be able to produce something that we liked and also to keep the workshop moving. I really benefitted from spending some time drawing and pushing myself to do something I normally wouldn’t do as it has allowed me to get out of my usual software and things I enjoy and try something I might not have done. It also was nice to have some time away from our brief and allow me to refresh my mind. The workshop was really fun and I am excited for the next one.

What surprised me:

I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed doing this workshop, it was out of my comfort zone completely but it was really fun to get away from the things I like to do. I surprised myself with the drawing as it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

What I found hard:

Drawing isn’t my best skill, therefore, it doesn’t come naturally to me. I did struggle at first but Nick suggested I start off with the shapes and then go from there. I tried this process and actually found it was really useful.

After the Workshop

I decided to photograph my first image every time I stuck something down. I thought it would be fun to see everything come together and also wondered if it would look creepy in a way as the features of my face start to come together one by one. I decided to try this by combining my assets on Adobe After Effects. This experiment was a fun development after my workshop, It reminded me of puzzle pieces coming together. I had the images on a loop effect and scaled them bigger in order to make the face be the main focal point. I like this piece as it is fun as something new is happening all the time yet it can be quite weird the more you look and the slightly misplaced eyes stare back. It would be interesting to try and do this with other workshops moving forward. Below shows my development:

Self Portrait Series with Nick (Workshop 3 Y2) from Amy Winson on Vimeo.