In the fifth workshop with Jay, our main focus was prototyping. We were given two prototypes: a bottle and a can.

This workshop had a lot of steps and elements to make sure everything was done correctly in terms of lighting, shadows and the bottle/can itself. I made lots of notes to refer back to in the future and found that once this is all set up, it is very easy to go back and just keep changing the label which is really helpful.

We worked with a lot of steps that I remembered such as Extrude objects, creating materials, mographs and other similar techniques and continued to slowly add more steps.

Jay set us a task to be completed after the workshop to create our own can and bottle label. I was really excited about this task as being able to see my own design on a can or bottle is both fulfilling and exciting especially to see it look so alive in Cinema 4D.


Bottle before adding the label
Adding the material to the background and floor

Can Label

I decided to work with two different ideas and build some context behind them. My first idea was the idea of “SmileSoda” – a fizzy drink that gives you a boost of energy to get you through your day smiling. My concepts meant that depending on the flavour would depend on the can which would then make it universally known if it was to become a highly consumed drink. I liked the idea of having a smile and this being the icon that is associated as it would work well as stickers, a logo and across websites and marketing.

My second idea was inspired by my own favourite flavour Strawberry. I decided to create the idea of a “BerrySoda” with no added sugars. My idea for this drink would be that it would be all natural sugars and flavourings as some drinks such as Innocent Smoothies, although seem to be healthy, they actually aren’t as great as consumers think they are meaning one serving contains 26g of sugar alone. I decided to keep the label very natural and allow the product to speak for itself by using strawberry seeds scattered around the typography to create a sense of framing to focus the viewers eyes.

Concept 2 for SmileSoda
Concept for SmileSoda
Final Can Label

I had a lot of fun creating both of these concepts and I am really happy that my context and research inspired the design rather than the design being something just to look nice.

Bottle Label

For the bottle label, I was inspired to create something quite prestige and modern. The brand name I gave the bottle is “Garnet Sunset”. The name was inspired by going through already existent names and name ideas which I pulled out two different words to create my favourite. I decided to put behind the typography a sunset shadow to create the idea of a sunset effect. For this fictitious brand, I also decided the liquid inside the bottle would be a deep red to add context behind the word “Garnet”. The colours I choose was inspired by the colour of the bottle to add some contrast, I think the use of the cream and the ginger brown work really well especially on a dark amber bottle.

Final Outcome

To finish off, I added my label illustrations to the can and the bottle.

What surprised me:

I was really impressed with how I was able to recognise the techniques and terminology Jay for example: adding extrude objects and materials. It was really great to be able to know this straight away and not have to keep refer back to my lesson notes. It just shows to me that the extra hours I have spent just getting use to the software after lesson time is paying off.

What I found hard:

It was tricky sometimes with the new techniques to keep up as I was trying to make notes and find what Jay was referring to at the same time however Jay was really great and would go step by step and wouldn’t move on until we were all caught up and happy. After the Cinema 4D workshops, I spend some time just loading the software and trying to repeat my notes just to get use to the new techniques we are shown each week. I find this really helps me.

Overall outcome:

I really enjoyed the workshop and seeing my own piece of design on a Cinema 4D prototype. It is amazing to see how I can create something like this in the software and if this was a project, I could just keep changing the label which is really useful time wise and keeping the bottle consistent.