In my third workshop with Jay our focus was presentations. As we are coming up to our presentations in a few weeks, I was excited as this would be really useful and give me some important tips to work with. I also found it useful as we have never had this before and it can be confusing to know what should be in our presentations.

We were given some really important tips to start off with. I personally took away three aspects that I would like to focus on for me to work on:

Less text – only have text that people will actually read, it doesn’t need to be filled with text for the sake of it

Bigger text – don’t use text that people can’t see, it needs to readable and not body copy

Keep it minimal – each slide should be similar to one another, if the text is to the left and the picture is on the right, leave it this way, it means the viewer knows what to expect on each slide and this makes it easier for the person watching the slide to process this information

Jay then gave us some sketches and showed us how using levels and auto colour can clean this up. I already knew how to do the levels as I have done this in Photography in college and even now for my sketches so it was nice to see I am doing something the same as someone with a lot of experience. I did not know about the auto one so it was nice to come away with a skill I can try before going to the levels. We then went into Photoshop ourselves and created a PDF presentation using the text and imagery. I created the following pages:

I really like the way this is presented and this exercise has proved to me that sometimes less is more. In my presentations, I have been using small text and quite a lot of it. After today I have decided to go back to my presentation and work on the layout as I much prefer the idea of large text and less is more as this is more of a minimal approach. I am excited to try this for myself.

What surprised me:

I really enjoyed this workshop as it wasn’t something we were taught in the first year. I think if this was taught when we first started it would have given me more a confidence with InDesign but then in a way, it challenged me and made me find out more about the software for myself. I am glad we have been given these tips as now for my presentation it has opened my eyes and made me have more of a minimal approach.

What I found hard:

In the workshop I didn’t find anything hard which I was really happy about, I think my extra time learning new things in InDesign and other software has built me up with confidence to navigate around myself and understand it more in detail.

Overall outcome:

I am really happy Jay did this workshop with us, sometimes the course can be confusing as we have never had this type of help with presentations and I think it has given me more confidence and excitement to work in the software and produce something I am really proud of.