In my workshop with Sara our reference was to focus on data and animating this in a short 10 second animation. We started off by choosing our phrase based on the data from the football museum. I choose the following:

“Women were already playing football before the war. The first recorded home international match between England and Scotland took place in Edinburgh in 1881. / The British Ladies Football Club was founded in 1895.”

As we hadn’t prepared or brought our own assets in for this I had not planned any initial ideas however it was great to have some text already prepared for us and the colour scheme we had to work in: R58, G234 and B59. This meant that I worked to critical elements that had to be included. After preparing my assets in Illustrator and saving this, I opened After Effects and created my Main Comp and added my assets making sure to retain my layers. I built this again in After Effects to the similar composition as in Illustrator and decided because of how much text I had on my sheet to make this typography based and not feature any illustrations. 

New Technique

Sara let us know a new tip to follow which was the “Title/Action Safe” at the bottom near the viewport. After clicking this on, frames appeared on to my screen – I had to make sure my text was inside the frames to keep the text safe. 

Text Presets

I then began to play around with the text presets to make the text more engaging. Due to the text being important and the context behind that it should be to inform, I kept the presets to something minimal that happens at the start or end so it allows the viewer time to read the sentence. I decided to have the dates “1881” and “1895” in a larger text to signify this is a very important date for the reason that is the context. This acts as a sign post to say these two dates are significant at that time.


I then wanted to work with the transitions to make the text and the piece fit together. Sara let us know to allow a gap at the start as this will have someone else’s transition. I placed a transition to switch the green background to white. I wanted the text and the transition to complement each other, this led me to make the decision that when the transition swiped across to the left, the text would follow behind at the same pace. I really liked this when It was done and I think it works really well. I ended my animation with a Zoom – 2D spin at the end which finishes it off and takes it back to a white background.

The Outcome

Football Museum Data from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

I am really happy with the outcome and how it has turned out. I am really impressed with the transitions between the backgrounds and how the transition where the background goes from green to white, the text follows at the same pace and It works really well.

What surprised me:

I really enjoyed learning about the animation presets and how each one has a completely different effect and feel to each other. This is really useful when working with text and backgrounds to make work look precise and professional.

What I found hard:

I was actually really impressed with myself today as I have recently been spending more time in After Effects and have already used several of the text and transition presets already in some recent projects. It was great to see that some of the extra work outside of the workshop has been able to influence my knowledge in the process and production workshops.