In my third workshop with Sara we were asked to bring in a piece of drawing, I then traced over this another two times. I choose to draw based on the programme I have been watching at the time – Dynasties featuring David Attenborough. The episode focused on penguins, inspired by this I drew a fun cartoon style penguin. I wanted to create something playful and that had meaning that would allow me to be interested in the workshop, I felt like this would communicate what I wanted to achieve as it will be relevant to what I have been watching and my interests.

The drawings I brought to the workshop:

From these drawings, I had the inspiration to create something relating to where I was originally inspired: Dynasties. I was really inspired by the movement of the penguins walking, I thought it would be interesting through my sequence of imagery to use the position tool to have the sequence move from being on screen to off at the end.

To import my images, I selected all three and choose JPEG sequence so they would all be on one layer. I also went to File > Interpret footage and made sure that the composition was 25 frames and to loop 100 times. I played around with the colour correction (saturation), invert and stroke. I have played around with these effects before but Sara showed us how to properly use the techniques to create something effective. I found learning to split layers really useful as this is something I always want to do and can never work out how to.

Split Layers – Command, Shift + D

My final outcome:

Dynasties (Sara Workshop 3 Y2) from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

What surprised me:

I love the fact that everytime I have a new workship with Sara, there is always more to learn and I can apply skills from the previous workshops together to create something more advanced and interesting. I really loved the effect the drawings have with the techniques used, considering I am not a strong drawer, through the use of After Effects it adds a sense of a human feeling and I think it actually looks really nice.

What I found hard:

At this point due to my extra work after the workshops, I am not neccesarily finding things really hard if anything I am finding it more exciting which makes me want to try more animation. I am really enjoying all the skills Sara has taught me and applying this to new and commercial projects. I would like to carry on doing some After Effects work in my own time and I feel like my confidence is continuing to grow.

Overall outcome:

I really enjoyed this workshop from start to finish, this is one of my favourite workshops of all time, I really enjoyed being able to feel confident but at the same time learning new skills. I like the fact we are asked to bring assets to the workshop as it allows me to put my own take on the workshop and be more interested to be involved. I am really pleased with my final outcome, I really like how using the tracing method creates the vision of the penguins feet moving and through using that and the position tool it creates the sense of movement.