In my workshop with Jay, we were introduced to modelling and how to create characters that could be printed on the 3D printer. I was really excited to try this as I have always wondered how this could be done.

We started off by creating two folders on our desktops: Artwork and Output. I have been given this tip off two different tutors: Sara and Jay to set my folders up in advance and create my work on the desktop and then drag this onto a USB. Since learning this technique, this is something that I have been using confidently to get into the habit of setting my work for Studio and Process workshops in the same way.

The Workshop

In the workshop our task was to create a model of an alien. Jay showed us the steps and we followed them throughout. He also gave us a few minutes where we were able to structure our alien they way we wanted to get rid of any rough edges. In the workshop I learnt a lot of new techniques that I hadn’t worked with before, we repeated a lot of the same techniques which made it easier to get around Cinema 4D and get use to the software again after not using it for a few weeks.

New techniques

Direct selection tool (has a circle around the cursor) – this was used this to paint a line on the box.

Polygon with yellow top – I selected the top of the object highlighting them both and right clicked and changed these to extrude objects, this then allowed me to move the top of the box all together. I changed the offset to 100cm as this was the quickest and most accurate way to make it taller.

Scale – the scale tool was a new tool I have never worked with, it was really easy to use it was exactly like any other scale tool would be and it made it really easy to understand when we had to do this more than once.

Offset – once the polygon with the yellow top was selected and I made the two sides an extrude object, I was able to click offset and hit enter and this would duplicate the exact same object placing it above.


Direct Selection Tool
Selecting with the polygon with yellow tops
Scale tool


Alien Still Image

Alien Animation from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

What surprised me

I really enjoyed the workshop and was really interested in how much Cinema 4D can actually do. Once I got the hang of things, I really started to get stuck into it even more and a lot of the new techniques we learnt became easier throughout the workshop just from repetition and using them more than once.

What I found hard

I found it hard sometimes when a lot was going on at once and found sometimes I got lost. Jay was really great at checking everyone was happy before moving on which made it a lot easier. He also helped show me where I went wrong which meant I could make any corrections before moving on and found this helped throughout. The more I got use to the steps, the more I could check the suggestions Jay gave me before moving on. I found this helped the best.