Today was my last workshop of the year and my final one with Nick. Today we were asked to bring in a loaf of bread. In the workshop, our task was to create typography out of the bread working together in pairs.

Between me and two of my peers, we created a variety of differences styles between our bread. We worked mainly with R but then started to incorporate a few others. I had the idea of rolling the bread up into rolls and also creating dough balls to see how 3D we could get it. The dough ball idea did not work as the bread began to break up but the rolled up bread did and it worked really well at making a bold style.

Our next task after having a play around for a style was to create the whole alphabet. We did this and then I went back and compiled this into a short animation to show our work. For our style, we used a mixture of the rolled up bread, crusts, crumbs and challenged the affordances of the bread to get something more abstract and visually pleasing. Below shows the outcome of this workshop:

Bread Workshop with Nick from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

Our final aim was to create the word Collision. I really liked the way this looked, it summed everything we have worked on in the workshop altogether. We also did a quick time-lapse of taking all the work away.

Bread Workshop with Nick 2.0 from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

What surprised me

I really enjoyed everything about this workshop. It was a fun way to end the workshops and it allowed me to be creative with something I normally would not do. I have really enjoyed the workshops with Nick and although I felt sometimes I struggled as this is not a strong area in my practice, I am glad I tried each workshop and learned some great tips in design including creating zines.

What I found hard

I found it hard sometimes throughout the year when it came to drawing as it is not something I am strong or passionate about. However It made me open my eyes to something new that I may not have considered before and I actually found some things I really enjoyed including the workshop where we created type and imagery and rolled this on with paint, it showed me a different way to make posters that can still be visually intriguing.