In my fourth workshop with Sara, we were asked to bring in some assets to work with but 8-10 layers. I decided to work with the context first of what I could bring. I decided to research online into some problems Britain is facing that could make this very relevant now at the moment.


Through my research, I started to look into politics and look at what the people were unhappy about. I kept seeing some posts about “Britain’s housing crisis”. I decided to research into this further and found that the people felt not enough houses were being built. I also then looked at investigating why and what is being built and found corporate large buildings are very popular around Manchester. Some of my sources are linked below:

After investigating and completing some research, I had the idea to work with the technique of the houses rolling off the page making the larger buildings become more prominent. I was unsure if the effect would work well the houses but it was something I was excited to try.

The Workshop

I really enjoyed the workshop and it was great to ease us back into things. I imported and did the settings as usual and found this becoming really easy every time I completed a new Motion Graphics. This gave me a great deal of confidence. The new technique I learnt from this workshop was working with the cameras to pan out this time instead of pan in and have the objects being revealed one by one rather than seeing them all straight away. I really liked this way of thinking as I think it makes the animation more exciting to want to see more when you never know what is to appear.

My Final Outcome

Housing Crisis from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

What surprised me:

I was really impressed with myself how I was able to add some previous techniques as well as working with two really technical new skills: the camera pan and the houses being ripped off the screen. I decided to have the sun move up and the cloud moves to the side. When I watch the animation back there is a lot of subtle things going on which makes it more engaging for the viewer to see these subtle messages. This connotes the idea through the sun and cloud that as time has gone on there are fewer houses and that this has not happened all at once. I am really enjoying using Adobe After Effects more each time.

What I found hard:

It was tricky sometimes to have the rip-off effect start and end when I wanted but it took me a few times starting from the beginning to get the hang of it. This just shows that practice is key and to not give up as If I had I would not be as confident as I am now using this software.

Overall outcome:

I really enjoyed this workshop and learning a new skill, I can see throughout the year Sara is introducing us to new stuff and giving us enough time to advance forward. I am feeling really excited for the future workshops and would like to continue learning more effects to apply to my client work and university projects.