Today I had a workshop with one of my lecturers focusing on typography.

My workshop with John consisted of working with rendering typography. We was given typography examples that we could use for inspiration in order to change this to be our own. I designed three different styles of typography, all different to each other to see the difference and effect they would have. Below shows all my typography at the end of the session.


First Typography Design


I choose this style from inspiration of one of the sheets. I like the idea of the text getting bigger and I think this would look interesting when trying to make a word stand out when selling something or in a magazine and I also think it would stand out when working with words like”BOOM, POW” (any type of word that uses onomatopoeia).

  • Love the boldness of this don’t think it would work well with thin text
  • I think the colour of the text is what makes this stand out as this is very dominant for example colours like red, black, brown rather than yellow and pastel colours.

Second Typography Design


This design is something I have mixed emotions about. I really like the idea of the arrows and the typography however I think if the background colour was a blue or green it would have a complete different effect. This reminds me of a warning however in another country for example China, the colour would show the idea of Luck. I think the colour is very dominant and from personal choice a green would make me think of recycling or a blue would make me think of water and pureness.

Third Typography Design


This was a really simple design that took me a few minutes before finishing as I didn’t have much chance to play with colour My thoughts of this is I like this for an idea for a club or a sign. I think the colours would have worked better being more vibrant for example bright blue and red.


  • My favourite Is the first design due to the boldness and simple colour.
  • I think the second one reminds me of danger or warning too much and this is something I will find it hard to get out of my head now.
  • The third design colours need to be more vibrant as it looks quite dull because of the purple.