Today was my final workshop with Sara. We were working on a showreel to showcase all the work that we have done in the workshops. I was really excited for this as I am really proud of my work from this year and the skills I have gained so it will be nice to visualise my work again after not seeing it from the workshop. One thing I wanted to do for the showreel was to include my branding in some way as my colours are dark grey and yellow, I decided to use this colour scheme and my logo in the corner at the start and end of the video. I used the same transition to keep it consistent and on each new clip had a piece of text to display what workshop this was from. I also labelled when I had added extra work to make it clear. I am very happy with the final outcome and how everything fits together. It makes me very proud of the skills and how far I have come on After Effects this year. Below shows the final outcome.

Amy Winson Workshops Showreel 2019 from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

What surprised me this year

I loved all the workshops with Sara. I am thrilled to have had the chance to take part in them all and how much time and effort Sara spent with us to make sure we felt confident using the software. The workshops have given me skills that I have applied to my studio work and without them, I would of not of been able to suceed in my briefs as it has given me the confidence and knowledge to go away and want to learn more.