Today was my final workshop with Jay. I have really enjoyed trying Cinema 4D throughout the year and this was something new to me. I thought our final workshop would be this same software but instead, we were introduced to Premiere Pro. I was very excited to get stuck in as I have been working with After Effects which is a similar type of software and really enjoyed this so far.

One thing I thought was very similar to After Effects was creating the new sequence as I believe this would be considered as a new composition in AE. I felt throughout the workshop as Jay began to explain the basic techniques, I started to put two and two together and felt more confident. It felt like a very familiar programme and became easier to use as the workshop progressed. It also helped that Jay gave us lesson notes that helped us to read back through if we felt lost.

When It came to exporting, this was slightly different from After Effects. Instead the export settings was H264. I have made a note of this so I can remember this moving forward for if I decide to have another play around and explore the programme in further detail.

The workshop consisted of us putting together a sequence of images that played after one another. We worked with transitions which became easier to apply once I added a few. Below shows my final outcome:

Jay Workshop 6 Premiere Pro Imagery from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

Jay Workshop 6 Premiere Pro Animations from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

What surprised me

I was surprised with how similar After Effects is to Premiere Pro. I really enjoyed trying this programme as this is something new and used in the indutry. It was fun to end our final workshop on something we had not done before which allows me to get an insight to the different programmes.

What I found hard

Sometimes I got lost as this was a very new programme but the main thing is I carried on and read back on the notes to make sure I understood my mistakes before moving fully on.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my workshops with Jay. I really enjoyed trying Cinema 4D and having the time to ask questions and be shown in depth. I also really enjoyed the presentation and showreel clips, this will be useful for my final assesment.