I had Peter O’toole as a guest speaker last week. When he first begin his presentation I thought he that he didn’t had the same interests as me as his work seemed more to do with illustrations. As the presentation went on, a lot of things caught my eye about Peter. His love for Adidas. His illustrations and Graphics revolved a lot around Sports brand (commercial graphics) and this is something that really fascinates me. He did a piece with a lot of shoes and it caught my eye straight away, It looked really cool and I loved the colour scheme which he focused on blues and greens.

I decided not to take notes for this talk. He didn’t have any text slides but a lot of really interesting images and instead I can still see his art work in my head now. In his lecture he goes on to discuss how after a long time of trying and trying and failed attempts for jobs he was found by Adidas who had seen the piece of work he had done years before and even got the opportunity to design another and his own shoes. This is something I thought was really interesting, not because of all the cool business events and meeting all these people but mainly because he kept going and kept going and believed in himself to get to where he is. The main point I took from this guest speaker is that having archives of work and keeping it on the web is a good thing as it may come back up which is exactly what happened with his work. I am happy to know I am going in the right direction as I have been working on building work and blogs up on my own website for a future employer to see. I feel very influenced to Peter’s story and work and this is someone very iconic and influential because of how he had a lot of fail attempts to get to where he is now.

Peter O’toole Website – http://www.peter-otoole.co.uk