In the guest lecture with Gill Sampson, I was surprised at how many questions he was able to answer. I thought as he was an Illustrator that his information wouldn’t have a lot of influence on me. However I learnt two main things that has stuck with me such as: Pricing and Contracts.

Firstly Pricing. I have always been unsure If I started commercial work how to price my work. He gave me the idea to price my work based on how detailed and the amount of time it will take. I understand now that I need to price my work based on what I think it’s worth and not be scared.

I also understand that Contracts is a big thing. He gave us some examples on how to set ourselves a contract to make sure our work isn’t wasted and so we don’t do all the work for the client to turn around and say they don’t want it anymore. This is really useful to me as a few projects I have done for clients, I have finished them and not had a contract therefor lost out on time and money. I will now know for the future that I need to set myself a contract in order to not loose out. Luckily the project I lost out on was only a little project therefor it wasn’t something that took me 6 months. I also decided to take two images to look back on from his presentation as I felt this was really useful and important.