For my first workshop with Jay, I was not sure what to expect. I have met Jay once in the first year and I got to see some of his sketchbooks, his work looked very interesting and I really liked some of the instruction manuals he created. I was excited in a way as I knew this workshop would be something completely different and I didn’t know what to expect. When the workshop started we were introduced to the idea of Cinema 4D, this is something I did vaguely with Stephen and I felt completely out of my comfort zone, this isn’t a programme I have looked into or tried to develop. I have decided to set myself a new goal for this year and to push myself into trying some Cinema 4D myself after the workshop. In the workshop, I took a lot of precise notes so I could go back and try these techniques on my own to feel more comfortable with this programme for future workshops.
I took screenshots as I find myself learning better from visuals as well as notes. I started off with an illustrator shape that Jay asked us to look somehow like a logo: This then gave me the idea to develop this workshop by using my own logo and trying to do the same concept but with my own logo and text to see if I can create the same effect. I created three very simple shapes but found myself halfway through getting rid of the bottom shape as too many seemed to be very complex. A very useful tip that Jay showed us was how the arrows can position the shape to move up, down, side to side which I felt gave me a lot more control over my shape especially because it is a 3D shape. I expected to have less control over my shape due to the way it stuck out more. As I went on, I noticed my shape taking more of a realistic 3D shape. I was interested in finding out how this 2D shape I started off within Illustrator could then take such a different approach. I was fascinated how this links with what I have been learning in my theory lectures and seminars on Affordances. This shape should just be a rectangle and nothing else, however, I have used this to create a logo and now a Cinema 4D object that I will now work with to create a short animation with. Before I could not link Affordances to any of my studio and workshop work but not I have started to make these links just from focusing a bit more about what this workshop actually means and how this can be applied. I feel like even if I just take this idea away with me from the workshop then I have succeeded as I am now making connections between my theory and process work. Towards the end of the workshop, after learning many different complex techniques, I started to see what resembled a professional logo through the use of colour, motext and lighting. We worked with techniques such as Luminance, Shadows and Ambient giving us control over the shading of the logo in order to make it stand out more. We also added a floor and a background to set the scene for the logo. This then brought me to my final rendered animation: Cinema 4D with Jay from Amy Winson on Vimeo. The Workshop + Final Outcome I am really impressed with myself with how my final logo has turned out. For me when I first saw we were doing Cinema 4D, I was really worried as I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rest of my classmates however the learning approach Jay took meant he was constantly checking we fully understood what was going on before moving forward and this allowed me to write crucial notes that I can revert back to and give me the confidence to actually try this on my own. I really enjoyed this workshop and this has changed my outlook on Cinema 4D, I am excited to learn some new things in my future workshops and would like to try and incorporate this with my work. After the Workshop I have decided to use my notes and what we were taught in this workshop and have a go by myself. I want to build my confidence as I feel this could be a good path for me for my practise to try and utilise this in my work. I have decided to use my own logo in order to create the same effect, I will be using my own notes throughout this process. My logo: Screenshots: What surprised me: How much I remembered. For example one of the tips we were told by Jay as a rule of thumb was to always make sure the light is behind us to the left. I also remembered that I start off with very high rendering settings but change them before I actually render otherwise I would be waiting a long time. What I found hard: I had to go back because I couldn’t work out why the luminance colour wouldn’t change the colour of my logo. I also couldn’t work out why my logo wasn’t 3D yet. I realised I hadn’t put the paths on extrude and instead I put extrude onto the path itself. Although I solved this problem, I found quite a few more. My logo, when merging and putting this to an extrude object for some reason the w and the a would change shape meaning the logo is hard to make out as the middle of the A, is covered by the W. I split them up to see if this would change anything but it didn’t. As this is my first develop and I am not completely confident with Cinema 4D, I decided to move on and at least practise my technique as this was the most important element. I really struggled towards the end to render my project as by accident I moved my cursor to see just one of my frames and I couldn’t see the rest. Luckily, one of my peers was able to help me and showed me that I moved the cursor to focus on one frame and showed me how I can get back to all the frames. I also did really struggle to have my camera go around the shape as it was completely missing the shape. I couldn’t work out where the camera was as it wasn’t completely obvious. After a few attempts, I was able to find where I went wrong. Overall outcome: I am really happy with myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something on my own. Although I went wrong a few times, I constantly picked myself back up to find a new solution. From my own notes, I rewrote more notes of things I might have forgotten along the way to make the next time I try this a little bit easier. I am really proud of myself that even though I faced problems, I kept on trying instead of giving up. I have managed to make sure every technique Jay mentioned has been included in this new development. I am curious to ask Jay how come my logo blocked the triangle out inside of the A in case I want to use this for future workshops. In my final animation, the light did make itself to the front rather than the back which is another question I have to ask Jay. All these questions are a learning curve and with some answers, I will be able to advance forward for my next workshop. Final Outcome: Development of Jay Workshop 1 from Amy Winson on Vimeo.