Peter Grundy Email Response

Recently for my A2 Module I choose to research Peter Grundy and complete a final piece inspired by him.

I decided to email him to help my research, I was very overwhelmed to see his response and he was kind enough to answer my questions.

I asked the artist about his influences and why he choose to go into Graphics, the response I received is below and I feel very honoured that he was able to answer and give me very informative answers.

His answers have allowed me to create a piece inspired by him, which I felt has made the piece even better in terms of the knowledge he shared.

Link for the piece I created in his style – Eye Infographics.



Peter Grundy Inspired Infographics

Peter Grundy Inspired Infographics

For my final part of my A2 Module I decided to study Peter Grundy and his work as my inspiration to develop my work further.

His work used a lot of Shapes, Golden Section, Simplicity and also bright colours.

I had focused on one of his pieces which was based on an Infographics for the Heart and straight away found this really visually stimulating.


At this point I decided from research and from recently speaking to him about his influences (click for blog post to my conversation with Peter Grundy) that he would be the perfect artist to create a piece in the same style.

I felt challenged throughout this project as I wanted to create an image in the same style however slightly different in terms of the subject matter. I decided to complete my infographics based on the Human Eye as I hadn’t seen this artist do this before.

From this I decided that I would have my page landscape and empathise the size of the eye to make it stand out more, My main goal for this piece was to make it bright and make it stand out and readable for both children and adults.

Throughout my journey I overall feel I have developed my work and it has come out stronger than I expected, I initially felt I wouldn’t be able to achieve what the artist has and that It wouldn’t be as strong.

My reasoning for the colour White background was due to I felt it made the illustration stand out more and towards the end of designing I felt the idea of the Human Eye needed a narrative which is why I choose to develop ideas how the light could be shown through the eye.


Below shows my development to the final piece.