Today I visited Manchester to explore Graffiti. I was stunned by my findings. Every time I turned a corner on Hilton Street, I was gob smacked by another piece of highly detailed and picturesque piece of artwork. I noticed their was a variety of styles that I found:

Minimalism graffiti – use of two colours, sense of 3D and use of contours to enhance certain areas for example cheekbones. Below shows the strongest pieces that I think follow this style.

Rainbow graffiti – use of more than 4 colours, vibrant, use of bold thick outlines, sense of graphics in the work. Below shows a few pieces that I think follow this idea.

Dark graffiti – use of darker colours, sets a moody tone, often to do with a person or event. Below shows this style of work.

I found these pieces on Hilton and Port Street in Manchester. I would love to see more pieces  and if anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment below! For more info for where I found these pieces, comment below or drop me an email!