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Black & White Photography Development

Black & White Photography Development

After having a lot of success with Black & White Photography and Projection, I decided to combine my influences from two artists I have researched Annette Messager and Solve Sundsbo and create a shoot based on both of them.

I decided to Photograph the subject matter of Annette by photographing Body Parts and choose to use Projection and a similar Projection inspired by Solve in order to achieve this shoot.

At first I didn’t know if this shoot would have the same success as the other two due to the subject matter being completely different so I didn’t know if this would be enough to make it stimulating and stand out.

The final images offer a lot of Compositional Rules including Simplicity, Rule of Thirds, Golden Section, Leading Lines, Negative Space and also Abstract Imagery. My favourite is the one of the models neck from the front where it features an x-ray projected, I think this is very Abstract and the most thought provocking.

Below shows the final outcome.

Annette Messager Inspired Shoot

Annette Messager Inspired Shoot

For my first Artist Research before my final A2 Module I choose to research into Annette Messager – I was inspired by her work of body parts and use of dark colours (Black and White & Sepia) due to how how stimulating her work was and how she could turn a normal body part and make it to seem much more.

I choose to focus on photographing the hands, eyes, nose, ears and neck. This was due to I felt these was the most personal parts on the face and the ones that would be the best to photograph as for the ear it would use a lot of Golden Section and the hands a lot of Repetition and Leading Lines.

Overall I was very shocked with the outcome, when I starting taking the photographs I was worried they would look to boring however aswell as having these as my final outcomes I created a lot of Manuals using tracing papers and even framed some to make them appear more 3D and realistic.

Below shows the final outcomes of this shoot.