Thrilled to have been asked to come to the Congress exhibition to support my work Atom Scientific. Completely different to being in the office designing in house, what a great feeling to see my work from flyers, brochures, stain kit inserts and more.

From the marketing side it was fulfilling to see the engagement in the “Guess the Teddy” competition and meet our great customers.

Very happy with the feedback especially the IBMS Marketing Flyers sent out to engage people to visit us at the stand which was described as “just the right amount of information and fun and engaging”

What a great turn out…

IBMS Congress – Direct Marketing Flyers

IBMS Congress – Direct Marketing Flyers

Life Science flyers to engage the target audience to visit IBMS Congress (exhibition)

All product photography is shot by myself, the brochures have been sent out in mail shots to the NHS…

Atom Scientific – Social Media Management

Atom Scientific – Social Media Management

One of my roles on my placement is to create content for Atom Scientific and the sister companies Atom Education and APC Pure.

Atom Scientific features more corporate and proffesional post to promote catalogues and exhibitions, Atom Education works with a similar message but often has fun competitions that Science technicians can work with and finally APC Pure works with fun DIY’s and How To’s for the many ways to use the products to their full potential.

Each has a different tone of voice and a different style of marketing. Below shows some examples of this. To see live versions of the Facebook Pages, simply type the following into Facebook: Atom Scientific, Atom Education and/or APC Pure. I also work with Twitter and LinkedIn regularly for Atom Scientific and I am in the process of setting up a new Group inside LinkedIn to connect with the export side of the company.

Atom Scientific – Catalogue Design

Atom Scientific – Catalogue Design

One of the biggest goals for the company was to finally have new catalogues that came together with the brand guidelines and made the products easily accessible. The catalogues was created to feature the Life Science products for:



Fixation & Decalcification


Stain Kits

Each catalogue can be downloaded as a PDF link for the customers to access them as easy as possible and also come in print form. There are two copies of each catalogue (un-priced and priced versions).

Atom Education Website

Atom Education Website

New Atom Education Website

The website can be seen live at

New Website Design & Modernisation for Atom Education – part of Atom Scientific.

The goals for this website:


Clean & Clinical

Red & Dark Grey Colour Scheme

The goal of this website was to ensure that the audience understood who Atom Education are.

The website needed to allow customers to see the choice of chemicals they have to offer and prices, however, restricting purchasing. The customers have to register and await approval.

The final goal was to have a new about us page and show how each team member and job role is just as important as each other. Also communicating the culture and values using the new Atom Values posters and the people promise.