Atom Education Website

Atom Education Website

New Atom Education Website

The website can be seen live at

New Website Design & Modernisation for Atom Education – part of Atom Scientific.

The goals for this website:


Clean & Clinical

Red & Dark Grey Colour Scheme

The goal of this website was to ensure that the audience understood who Atom Education are.

The website needed to allow customers to see the choice of chemicals they have to offer and prices, however, restricting purchasing. The customers have to register and await approval.

The final goal was to have a new about us page and show how each team member and job role is just as important as each other. Also communicating the culture and values using the new Atom Values posters and the people promise.

Atom Company Values (Posters & PVC Banners)

Atom Company Values (Posters & PVC Banners)

One of the main goals for Atom Scientific was to create new brand guidelines that could be presented in the workplace through to all important documents from health and safety to staff handbooks. This is a glimpse of large scale design that I have worked on that is situated around the workplace as a positive message for the staff.