Throughout my A2 year, I decided to look at the theme of mental health and body image in the media.

I worked on this for several months and choose Contours as my exam question. I felt I could highlight this through focusing on the skin and body. I started off by photographing parts of the body including the eyes, nose and ears. I developed this further by looking into macro photography and scanograpy. Throughout this I wanted my aim to be working with different materials. This included collage, stitching, sewing and more.

For my final piece I set out to combine the same style narrative as my previous images however have my images manually manipulated and presented differently. I worked with sewing words into my images and stitching into the eyes, I felt this could create the illusion of what goes through peoples mind when they go into deep thinking. I also printed off on brown paperĀ and other style papers to show that over time these feelings stay the same. Finally I decided to present my work in several ways; a consatina book which opened out and presented images on both the back and front, a large piece of paper that has images stuck on neat and in proportion, a large piece of paper that has images stuck on in a collage style with stitching from the bottom to the top of the paper similar to Annette Messager who was one of my first artists I researched and finally I created a frame that I stitched all the images together and stitched this around the frame, to make this look more attention grabbing I decided to make this appear more 3D and used test tubes to stick makeup and false eyelashes inside. I feel my final piece as a whole reinforces the idea of how women have to look a certain way and have added pressure. I am very pleased with the overallĀ piece and couldn’t have asked for a better final outcome. I feel my work throughout the project has remained true to its message and that was my overall inspiration for this piece.

Below shows the final outcome.