For my first Artist Research before my final A2 Module I choose to research into Annette Messager – I was inspired by her work of body parts and use of dark colours (Black and White & Sepia) due to how how stimulating her work was and how she could turn a normal body part and┬ámake it to seem much more.

I choose to focus on photographing the hands, eyes, nose, ears and neck. This was due to I felt these was the most personal parts on the face and the ones that would be the best to photograph as for the ear it would use a lot of Golden Section and the hands a lot of Repetition and Leading Lines.

Overall I was very shocked with the outcome, when I starting taking the photographs I was worried they would look to boring however aswell as having these as my final outcomes I created a lot of Manuals using tracing papers and even framed some to make them appear more 3D and realistic.

Below shows the final outcomes of this shoot.