When It comes to designing it can cost a lot of money.

When starting designing It’s always best to have a go with cheaper software’s and duplicate’s of the most popular design tools just in case you still aren’t sure if it’s for you.

From experience of using different design tools I have come across various websites that do more or less the same trick.


DaFont – This is a really amazing site that I have picked up from being at College – it offers every style of typography and best of all their all all free (they even include another version in most fonts being bold and thin to choose from).


Google Font:

I haven’t used this as much as DaFont as that is my go to however I have briefly used this and It’s still as good, its useful as you can input your own writing and see how that looks and even import it on your own web page, It also allows you to custom and decide how you want which gives you a lot of choice and leeway.



I have found that this is a really useful site It sets up all the format’s for you and whatever design you are going for whether that be: a Logo, Business Card, Invitations, etc… It offers a lot of time saving tools that means you don’t have to mess around.


These are just a few of the design websites I sometimes use/have used and are really helpful and free, I know their will be far more than this but I have yet to come across.

If anyone has any recommendations for me then leave a comment below or email me as I would be very interested into trying something new!