Visualising Art Workshop 1.3

Context & Research
Before this workshop, I decided to look into comic illustrator Oliver East. He recently came to my University to give a guest lecture and I was interesting as to how he got stuck into each place he visited and how he produced really quick drawings. This has inspired me to try and do this for my workshop to get down really quick illustrations and visuals of Huddersfield which could be used to create some digital art. I was inspired by his comic “Trains are mint” with quick fun illustrations and basic colours to get across what he saw.


The Workshop
Today was my final workshop with John, luckily because of the weather our workshop was altered and we was doing something slightly different to our original task. Our task was to go to three different location and draw capturing people, perception, architecture and lines. After the last workshop I was not feeling too excited as I know drawing is my weakness but John gave me some really helpful advice that as a designer we create quick sketches from memory and not every designer is an artist. This changed my outlook on the workshop. I decided to work to this idea and create quick sketches from memory based on the way I interpret an image or visual. The first location we visited was near the gallery and in the middle of the shopping mall, the second location was near the church near the kirkgate buildings and the final location was near primark. I created the following drawings…


After the Workshop

Although drawing is not an easy thing for me, I decided to put this aside and transform my drawings into something that I find one of my stronger points: digital art. I am really strong at layering and creating a piece of art through materials and images in order to collage them together. I decided to do this with my collection of drawings to create an image from my drawings. My first digital creation was combining all of my sketches onto my background texture I took from one of the locations and compiling them together to create a digital piece of art. I actually really like this as even though these are my best sketches, it looks like I have just drawn these all together at the same time which I think is really cool.
I really like this next digital creation as it looks quite freaky and weird and makes me as a viewer question what is going on. It is really intriguing to see how the image above has a complete different narrative to this image as the image above creates a sense of calmness when drawing however this image creates a sense of tension and danger through the use of colours and how the lines In the drawings especially “weekly” look like it has been drawn when I was angry. It even makes me question whether the turtle in the second image is a turtle and the man listening to music is he holding a candle or a flower. It makes me question whether the lamp is an umbrella which creates a whole different narrative for this image.
Finally I also really like the idea of placing my drawings on a black and white collage of Huddersfield to create a sense of place. I really like how I have been able to take my basic drawings and add sense of depth and realness to each one, each creating a completely different narrative and meaning.


Before doing todays task I was not looking forward to it. The last workshop with John I really struggled and it was out of my comfort zone and it made me not want to do this workshop at first when I heard we was drawing at first. Even when we started drawing I still had this thought at mind until John gave me some words of wisdom. He made me realise that not all designers can draw and as a designer we create quick sketches to get across a simple idea that can be developed further through our vision. As the workshop went on I started by going shop by shop and location by location and challenged myself to pick one thing to draw and I had 30 seconds to draw it. These came across really rough but actually was quite fun and comical in the end. This made me draw from memory and work on this idea of quick sketches to visualise a simple idea. After the change of thought and using Johns words as inspiration, my opinion has now changed and I had a great day today drawing. I am excited to do something like this again as It was an eye opener for me. I enjoyed creating my digital art with my drawings as even though I am not strong at drawing, I have used the idea of collage and Photoshop technique to give my drawings life and a sense of depth and realness to make them appear more interesting.

After Effects 1.5

Context & Research
My goal for this workshop was to create the rocket flying off the space ship. However after the workshop I want to spend my own time looking into creating something with a bit more of a narrative that can work with textures and further After Effects techniques to create something more realistic and informative.

In the Workshop
Today was my final After Effects workshop with Sara. We was given a brief to work with Space characters and/or objects which would be compiled into a final piece that would be included into an animation of everyones work. I choose the narrative of a Spaceship taking off. Originally I was going to have the animation of just the spaceship. Below shows my first visual for this project:

I decided to design a spaceship and keep the colour palette very simple. When I started working with my project in After Effects, I felt like something was missing. I wanted the ship to take off of something, I decided a planet would look really cool. This brought me to my next visual.

The top of the world would only be seen therefor I decided to only add land at the top and nowhere else. I wanted only the top to be included so that the ship could leave the earth and travel away. I really liked where this idea was going however the animation looked really basic with the rocket just travelling upwards. I did some research into what happens when a ship took off and found some really cool visuals of real life space crafts:

Each one of these are visually beautifully and are most in our attention due to the gasp of orange fire and smoke. I wanted to create this somehow yet still keeping the sense of animation visible. I decided to look at creating my own fire with different colours of orange.

At this point I was really enjoying my visual ideas and illustrations, I kept the imagery looking slightly rough and not too perfect as I wanted to keep the ideology of the fire present. A fire has an uncontrollable fire and this is something I wanted to show. When I first placed this under the spaceship, I thought it looked really static and boring. I worked with the opacity and changed this from 0-100 using multiple key frames to create a sense of a real fire. I finalised this by adding some stars that had a sense of movement. Overall I worked with creating a bend in the spaceship when taking off and brought all my elements together to fit something creative and fun. Below shows my final piece.

After the Workshop
I really enjoyed creating this for my final piece using illustration and the techniques I have learnt over the past 6 workshops. However I decided to dive a little deeper with creating something with a similar narrative yet more realistic.
I want to look into other habitable places similar to Earth that we can live on that I could show through a short animation. From research I have found four different planets very similar to Earth through water, the temperature, elements on that planets and others. The planets are:
“The planet is roughly about 97 per cent the
size of Earth and has an orbital period of 395 days – the only caveat is that it is likely covered in a cold tundra, similar to Siberia. But the planet is still warm enough to maintain liquid water, a prerequisite needed for sustaining life.”

Proxima Centauri
“Proxima Centauri sits roughly 4.22 light years away from our sun, and is about the same age. The dusty belt surrounding the Proxima Centauri has roughly the same temperature as our solar system, of around -230 C (328 F).”

Proxima B
“The rocky planet, dubbed Proxima b, is about 1.3 times the mass of Earth and warm enough to maintain liquid water on the surface.
The closest star to us has a possible rocky planet in the habitable zone. That’s a huge deal
Olivier Guyon, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory The “game changing” discovery was hailed for opening up the possibility of habitable planets existing within our sight. “

“Lead researcher Michael Gillon said: “The sevenwonders of TRAPPIST-1 are the rst Earth-sizeplanets that have been found orbiting this kind
of star. It is also the best target yet for studying the atmospheres of potentially habitable, Earth- size worlds. The most interesting thing about TRAPPIST-1, is that the ultra-cool dwarf is so
cool that water could even survive on the planets closest to it – unlike Earth’s sun.”
Proxima Centauri
Proxima Centauri
Proxima B
Proxima Centauri
Combining Animation + Textures

Above shows my short animation using my textures and research in order to create a simplistic animation following the same narrative yet developing my After Effects techniques by using my own textures to wrap around a globe and have this appear 3D and spin. I found it hard in parts as I wanted each time the globe split to the next globe, it would appear to pick up from the same place so it looked like it was spinning continuously and changing at the same time naturally. I am happy with this outcome and how I created something more professional and commercial as I think it is a fun and  informative animation even though it was challenging in some areas.


I have really enjoyed the workshop and the space theme and I also liked going away and working on some techniques that we was taught in the class yet wasn’t needed on my animation in the workshop. This has allowed me to create a new animation yet use some techniques I didn’t need on my first space animation. I feel like I have created a professional piece of work which is something I do not think I have really done yet through these workshops. I am glad of what I have achieved and the challenges I have set myself and overcome.

Visualising Art Workshop 1.2

Our brief for this workshop was to work with buildings and windows and find something that created some perspective that we could build up and add some 3D.


My Drawings

This task really did not come easy to me, I struggled a lot to try and get the perspective and I have never learnt this type of drawing before. I began to get really fed up with myself as I am not a natural drawer and have never been, I couldn’t get the hang of it. There is so many elements that I got really caught up. I felt a lot more confident drawing the people but drawing buildings and any type of architecture just didn’t work out for me. I felt like I started fine and then somewhere along the way got lost. However I did not give up and instead I went off to finish what I had started which leads me to my final piece…

This is my final piece. I don’t think this is an amazing piece but what I do feel strong and passionate about is the development and progress I have made considering the morning of the task I couldn’t even draw. I am happy with how I have continued to work and not gave up but this is something that does not come naturally to me and won’t be a focus in my practise.


I did not enjoy this task as this is one of my weaknesses as I am not a strong drawer however I do feel proud of myself for continuing and not giving up and finishing with something that has progressed better than it did from the start.

After Effects 1.4

Today in my workshop we was focusing on working with the cameras and pushing ourselves to more complicated experiments. Our brief was to bring a lyric/quote with some textures and illustrations. I choose the quote “The job of the artist is to to deepen the mystery” – Francis Bacon. I decided to draw a small magnifying glass that can be visible through the camera when working in After Effects. I also looked at a range of textures including an image I took myself of stone/rubble to add the idea of finding objects on the floor in this type of environment, a footprint of a shoe I did myself with paint and scanned in also a range of smoke type textures. Below shows my components:

I had a vision for my work and I really wanted to create a sense of mystery. My ideas was to have the magnifying glass to hoover over some of the words and then the camera will go through the object fast and slow back down to create an eerie feeling, finishing on the second part of the quote and the name of who said it. I worked with the  Point of Interest, Position Tool and added a slight curve in order for the camera to start moving to the side.

After the Workshop
I really enjoyed todays workshop and I felt like I picked this up quite well. However figuring out the camera was hard at some parts and this is something I wanted to spend a bit more time on. I decided to try this concept again however in a fast moving piece of music. I choose to have a quick burst of imagery at the start which I made myself using chalk and then I scanned this in. In some areas I then worked with the camera technique which I learnt in todays workshop. I felt like this was a combination of everything I have learnt so far and it works really well to the beat of the music. I am really happy with how I am progressing in the workshops. Below shows my final outcome:

When I first got told the brief, I found it really hard to gather my components because I couldn’t visualise how my animation would turn out. I decided to do my animation based on a mystery quote. I drew my own magnifying glass and painted one of my shoes and printed this then scanned this in and inverted the colour. My aim was to have the magnifying glass as if it was reading some of the text and then the camera go through the glass. I am really happy with my final outcome and I am shocked as to how I was able to work with the camera and I managed to pick this technique up quite fast. I am starting to feel a lot more confident in After Effects and I have even looked at doing other projects involving animation which is something I would have never done in the past.

Visualising Art Workshop 1.0

In the workshop we looked into the visualisation of art. We started looking into some of the most influential art work to date and how over the years other artists have developed this and created an interpretation of this in a modern way. This has allowed new artists to take something already existent and make it their own through the use of new techniques and new development in the art world.
We then started to look at the work of Richard Hamilton and his “Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different?’. He also followed in this same strategy and recreated his own work from the 1950s.

The Task

Our task was to do something similar however we would look into what is occurring in our every day life. I came up with several ideas that I could base my piece on including:

Social Media

After coming up with a range of different concepts, I wanted to try and make this piece more relatable to me. I thought about my local area and where I am from we are currently facing problems with young teenagers from the age of 10-13 that are ruining Hyde by breaking windows, bus stops, terrorising the people of Hyde and causing damage. This has had such an effect that people aren’t leaving their home including the elderly as the teenagers have been physically and verbally abusive. I wanted to create something that could represent this through a simplistic approach yet Is very easy to understand.

My idea was to have two symmetrical houses facing each other with an old women inside scared from the window. I wanted to create a sense of leading lines and forcing the viewers eyes to concentrate on the middle of the image by having a young male in the middle with the street light facing down directly on him. I wanted the male to be dressed in very dark clothing to symbolise the sense of darkness and mystery. After the workshop I went away and decided to digitise my ideas in Illustrator. Below shows the outcome of this:

I decided to make the young males face more unrealistic than the old women as I wanted to connote the idea of him being very simple and basic and create a sense of him being a nobody. I focused on making the elder women’s facial expressions and characteristics as realistic as possible to make her scared face look more human like.
I really enjoyed this workshop as I enjoyed stepping out of the box. I feel this is something I don’t do often as I fear some of my points can never be communicated the way I want them to be. I felt that brain storming and thinking about what I wanted to achieve before hand really allowed me to visualise the process and outcome I wanted. Moving forward this is a skill I can transfer to my briefs.


I really liked todays workshop. I felt like it opened my mind and forced me to think outside of the box. It also taught me that before a project I should spend some time brain storming and considering all my elements before getting to the final piece. If I would of jumped to the final piece, I would of struggled to be able to make my digital visuals. Instead, after a lot of thinking and time, I have designed something that has a lot of narrative behind it and has been communicated well because of my mind map and thoughts. This is something I will start doing more of for my projects.

After Effects Workshop 1.3

In my workshop with Sara, our focus was Kinetic Type. In my recent lecture this is something we started looking at and I really enjoyed watching the way this was done and how It can look TV standard through effects and movement.
Our brief was to bring several images based on a font of our choice to the workshop.

I found this quite a challenge as I didn’t know what to put on my story boards at first. However I started with some research into other Kinetic Type videos.

Above shows another persons assignment to Kinetic Type. I really liked the way this used transitions and also used text that would appear like a type writer. I love how it flows together and moves really smooth together. My aim was to work with the animation presets and continue working with the position and scale tools on After Effects.

In my kinetic type workshop with Sara, I choose to do something quite simple to focus on making the type move and allow myself to understand how everything fits together.
The text I choose to work with was Futura. I use this very frequently and love how the style is so fluent that it fits with advertising and other commercial use. When I started initially looking into Futura I found it quite interesting how this was a German font along with Helvetica,  Din and other successful fonts.

I decided to start researching into these style German fonts and what they may have in common.

DIN 1451 – sans-serif, used on road signing in Germany, also used on car driving plates, way finding, traffic signs, created with compass and rulers to enable quick and easy reproduction.


Helvetica – sans-serif, road signs, signage, UK government publication and logo. Use of curves, oblique style and narrow apertures.


Futura – sans-serif, advertisements, logo, transport, IKEA, Volkswagen and sports. Geometrical, near-perfect circles, triangles and squares.

These three well known fonts all follow the same style of usage: advertisement and signage. I can also see they all follow the idea of working with geometrics and near-perfect shapes.

In my workshop I then started working with creating my assets in After Effects rather than placing them from Photoshop. This would then give me more control over my project. I continued by working with my normal settings for the composition. I was working with the type face Futura. I wanted to work with the colour scheme: black, red and yellow which follows in the German flag to represent in a subtle way that this was a German font. I also originally was going to show other designers who had worked on this font along side Paul Renner however I decided against this as I felt Paul Renner had more influence on this type than anyone and was more well known to have designed it.
Below shows my finished After Effects project for Futura – Kinetic Type:

I worked with a yellow transition drops, subtle animation presets that have my text fading in and a range of wipes and dissolves to create a sense of movement.

When I first started working with my assets I felt my design was too simple. However after working with my animation presets and a few wipes with the use of solid colours, I feel like this piece fits together and moves really fluently. The animation is straight to the point, clear and tells the viewer straight away what Futura is. I have enjoyed this workshop and it has give me a sense of movement within text and the speed it should work at. For this piece I worked with a range of fast and slow movements within the text.

After the Workshop
After the workshop, I decided to pick another two fonts completely different to Futura and work on more animation and the way the different fonts will have different styles and movements. I thought of the fonts as people and how they are their own characters.
The first font I choose to work with was Chalkduster. This is a calligraphy style font that reminded me of when a teacher would write on a blackboard in school.

Brief for Chalkduster
My brief for my animation was to somehow have the narrative to follow a school style of theme. I wanted to have wipes that would look similar to paint strokes or brush strokes for my transitions and also wanted to have music in the background that could represent typing or writing. Below shows my final animation for Chalkduster.

I do like how different this style is from my Futura animation. I choose to focus on black & white colour scheme as I felt this showed the traditional blackboard style and also creates a sense of mystery along side the typewriting intriguing music. I really like how when the alphabet and numbers are written. how certain letters are pulled out spelling “chalk”. I think this would make a viewer pause  to read what the letters say. One thing I am not completely sure on is the dissolve straight away at the start of the animation, I think I will spend some time in the future working on intros and endings of my projects to see the animation presets I can work with.

Brief for Simpsons Font
After doing two completely different fonts, I decided to work with something slightly more well known and commercial. I choose to work on the Simpsons Font. This is quite fun and playful and I wanted to work with creating an idea for a potential intro for Channel 4 for the Simpsons. My aim was to have one character: I choose Lisa Simpson, but I choose to have her in the corner. I then decided to work with musical instruments and a remixed version of the Simpsons to create a sense of modernism. Also after my last project working with Chalkduster, I decided I needed to work with my intro and ending. For this I decided to have something quite colourful and fun at the start and at the end I wanted a sudden ending so everything was straight to the point. In this animation, instead of just focusing on the type moving, I choose to consider everything I have learnt so far and how I could utilise the skills I have recently learnt and work with them where necessary. Below shows my animation for the Simpsons Font:

I really like the way I have modernised some elements for this Simpsons style intro, for example: At the start of the Simpsons the clouds are always the first thing the viewer sees and then they change other elements in the animation: what Bart writes on the chalkboard, the way the Simpsons sit and more. I decided since this is something they never changed that I would change it to try and visualise and bring that sense of modernism to the table. I also worked with a few sudden flashes to introduce the animation. I found this works really well. I am really happy with the outcome and how I have managed to improve the intro for this. My next aim for future projects is to continue spending more time with working with the intro and ending and to also work with smoother transitions.