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Premier Pro with Jay (Workshop 6 Y2)

Today was my final workshop with Jay. I have really enjoyed trying Cinema 4D throughout the year and this was something new to me. I thought our final workshop would be this same software but instead, we were introduced to Premiere Pro. I was very excited to get stuck in as I have been working with After Effects which is a similar type of software and really enjoyed this so far.


Surface and Textures with Jay (Workshop 2 Y2)

Today in my workshop with Jay we got stuck in straight away to Cinema 4D, I found myself more interested in this software after spending some extra time playing around after the first workshop, I got use to the way it works and being able to move around and use some effects. I also got used to the idea of the timeline and how this works, It was interesting to see how similar this actually is to After Effects using the idea of the playback, stop, start and the frames and position tools. Today we were looking into Surfaces and Textures. At first, I was a bit worried as I am still unsure of Cinema 4D at this point however I was open to learning. This workshop was very fast paced as we had a lot to get used to and I found it really easy sometimes to loose where we were up to and take notes at the same time but luckily I took screenshots and Jay also has the lesson notes for us to refer back to. I was thinking for my next workshop to print his notes off as well as make my own around this so I don’t fall behind.┬áThe main tip we are given for working with this software is to make a folder on our desktop, one with artwork and one with output so we can keep everything simple and tidy. Below shows my notes:

Cinema 4D with Jay (Workshop 1 Y2)

For my first workshop with Jay, I was not sure what to expect. I have met Jay once in the first year and I got to see some of his sketchbooks, his work looked very interesting and I really liked some of the instruction manuals he created. I was excited in a way as I knew this workshop would be something completely different and I didn’t know what to expect. When the workshop started we were introduced to the idea of Cinema 4D, this is something I did vaguely with Stephen and I felt completely out of my comfort zone, this isn’t a programme I have looked into or tried to develop. I have decided to set myself a new goal for this year and to push myself into trying some Cinema 4D myself after the workshop.