Christmas Illustrations and Animation

I have recently been working on Christmas illustrations and animation. I worked with Adobe Illustrator to illustrate a smiling reindeer, snowy background and a sleigh. I then worked with After Effects to combine this and used the position tool to move the objects around. I finalised the piece with some Christmas themed music. This was for APC Pure and their products are falling from the sleigh. Below shows the outcome to one of my first professional animations.


For my first University project we was given the brief “TRANSLATE”. This could be for a place, a celebration, a campaign, anything that could communicate a place, persons or companies manifesto. I found it really hard to think of who my Manifesto could be for as I was unsure as to what my own was. I decided to do the brief for Hyde which is a local community near by where I live. I decided to create a piece of design to make people want to come back to Hyde as it was once well known for the markets. I decided to create the campaign that Hyde was bringing the well known markets back and used the following manifesto: FREE PARKING FOR ALL, COMMIT TO THE MARKET, LESS SURFING MORE SOCIALISING and FOOD & ENTERTAINMENT {MORE THAN} FACEBOOK.

Marketing Flyer – APC Pure

Marketing Flyer – APC Pure

As part of a marketing project I have recently been working on a flyer to be given to customers who order from APC Pure.

I decided that the flyer should feature two different attention grabbing options for the viewer to choose. One being a discount code and the other being focused on social media. I focused with red and black as this is the company’s colour scheme. I didn’t want to make the leaflet appear to crowded however I did want to include the most important information including: website, discount code and social media. This lead to the simplistic design and colour, also adding a QR code to make this more technology friendly and modern.

Below shows the front and back of the flyer. *The discount code has been blurred out purposely*

Graphic Design Final Piece A2 Module

Graphic Design Final Piece A2 Module

Coming up to my Final Year at College I choose to focus on Commercial Graphics and Infographics for my Final Graphic Design Module.

I have previously researched Peter Grundy and Olt Aicher which I completed two responses inspired by my artists.

For my Final Piece for the Exam, I wanted to combine my influences of both of these artists as everything from colour and subject matter was my main focal point.

I intended for my exam to produce an Infographics for a new Nutrition Label. I felt this would be a challenge due to how the Nutrition Label is on every Food and Drink to date.

At this point I set out to produce a modern and colourful label with strong shapes. I wanted my design overall to have positive connotations and allow the viewer to be able to read the new label and feel that they can understand it easier. This would allow people to choose more healthy options in a short amount of time.

The exam was a challenge due to having to complete everything in these hours only, however I succeeded and feel very proud of my Final Piece and how far my work has evolved since A1.

Below shows my outcome which shows the Nutrition Label, Posters and one of the pages for a guide I made for the user to help explain the new change.

Margaret Calvert Inspired Piece

Margaret Calvert Inspired Piece

For my Second Artist for my A2 Module I decided to focus on Olt Aicher (who worked on the first Olympics Pictogram) and Margaret Calvert who creates the street signs that are universally known to the world to this day.

I was inspired by these two artists due to how all their work was iconic and known by the world, this is something I wanted to try and show for this piece.

I decided to work with Pictograms and came up with the Idea of a Gym inspired one, I felt this would be comical and relatable for those who attend the gym. To achieve this I worked with several design concepts that was moved forward with Graph Paper and Photoshop to create this Digitally. Finally the final concept was achieved with a slight warp effect and the use of basic but bold colour.

Below shows my steps to achieve this.