Atom Scientific Placement Blog – Month 1

My first month of my placement began in June 2019, I accepted the role of Graphic Design & Multimedia Marketing Communications Coordinator.

Atom Scientific is a Chemical and Life Science Diagnostic manufacturer and supplier, the target audience is aimed at the NHS, Schools, University’s, Veterinary’s and the General Public

My roles entailed the following:

  • Designing digital in house graphics to be used on social media, e-commerce websites
  • To produce content and graphics for marketing emails
  • Designing small and large scale graphics for print and digital for exhibitions
  • Catalogue design
  • Marketing management
  • Ideas to push the company forward through a marketing strategy using the design I have created

I was really excited for my new role as it meant I would have multiple responsibilities and opportunities to develop and grow as a designer, also being the only member on the marketing and design team meant I would be taking on a lot of areas in the room that I wouldn’t necessarily do in an agency for example: proofing, writing body copy, dealing with the printers and ordering artwork.

My first month in my full time role was very fast paced. Straight away I needed to set out a marketing strategy for the month ahead of me. The company has two sectors – Atom Scientific whose main audience is the NHS and an ecommerce platform (APC Pure) aimed at the General Public. Very quickly, I had to establish more focus on the two different audiences: Atom features a corporate stance whereas APC Pure is fun and informal.

E-commerce Graphics

I decided to start working on the e-commerce side to establish a plan for the rest of the month, I needed to create two different emails with two content plans. My first idea was a Father’s Day guide – between me and my coworkers we played on the idea of how dads only ask for some socks so I played on this idea to create a “What to get the Dad who wants Nothing?”.

My second idea was a Pet’s guide with it means more bacteria build up – I researched and created a campaign for non toxic pet guides.

At first I was unsure how to present the emails design wise, I questioned whether they should all follow the same style and colours. I decided to research into other companies that work with a similar narrative. For the first email I looked at B&Q to see the colours used, straight away I engaged with orange and rusty colours that stood out to the typical dad. For the second email I focused on Pets at Home and went into my local store and collected flyers and subscribed to their mailing list, I realised that Pets at Home made their brand feel inviting and friendly through the use of showing us as an audience their own pets which allowed me to put this twist into my own work where the pets used was my coworkers at work, we all had fun coming together on this campaign.

I also worked with some creative writing to go with the campaigns for what our products can be used for and how to apply:

Father’s Day Hacks –

APC’s Pawfect Pets –

I really enjoyed playing with the puns on this task using the “Pawfect” to replace “Pure” worked very effectively as it is another word to describe the products and content as “Pure”.

Corporate Graphics

One of the tasks set for this month was to market our catalogues to the NHS. The brief was simple, that was the only information I knew and the only resources I had at this point was myself, the catalogue and a spreadsheet of contacts dating from 2010 for us to direct market the different catalogues too. I began to send some of the catalogues out by packing them in a mail shot to be posted out, after a week I noticed a large amount of undeliverable catalogues returning. I queried with our Technical Director the date of the contacts and once I found out that our information may be outdated. I started working through a couple of lines on the spreadsheet by ringing up the NHS Hospitals, finding out who was our key lead, repacked the mail shots and sent them out to determine the response with our new leads. It turns out we had a great response and in a meeting I proposed to the Commercial Director I was able to see a new pattern through the use of our new information, I was then in charge of running the campaign and was given two temporary workers to come on my team to complete the calling and pack the mail shots whilst I oversaw the project.

Atom also had an exhibition coming up in Birmingham at IBMS Congress and we needed fun marketing “freebies” to give out and talk about to give the NHS good reason to come and engage with us. I sourced white paper bags which was environmentally friendly, small teddy bears with our logo displayed, funky pens and coffee mugs. I was given a budget to purchase the items and sourced them myself. Later on I created some graphics for our Social Media to advertise them.