Graphic Design Speaker – Mike Lemanski

Last week I had a guest speaker in Uni: Mike Lemanski.

He is a really cool Graphic Designer who I now follow on Instagram and love his work!

Mike Lemanski Work


I really like his journey and how he wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself and what he wanted to do as a Designer. He originally was working for a big advertising agency who worked with Coca Cola and other big brands, he got bored of this job and wanted to quit. Luckily the agency was going out of business the week he decided to quit.

From looking at his work, I can see a lot of it focuses on Infographics and he produces really thought provoking work that makes me question how he gets from A to B. I love his idea process and how he showed us his original drawings to final pieces as it shows his determination and passion. I also am interested by his ideas as some of the ideas and final pieces I was stunned as to how he thought of something so interesting and relevant. One of the pieces I was most shocked by was the Dinosaur piece, he worked on a book which was to do with dinosaurs and fossils. He had the idea that the human could be looking through the fossil and on the other side using a triangular composition, the dinosaurs are enclosed in the triangle. The colour palette was quite dark yet had positive connotations as it made the viewer think of their childhood and allowed them to relate back to this. I felt like I learnt that If I wanted to work with illustrations, they don’t have to be so complicated and instead could be really simple geometry to make up a final piece which Is what Mike did. I really want to try and work with illustrations and Mike inspired me to have a go myself by working with simple shapes. After this lecture, I created the following:

Christmas Illustration (ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR+ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS) from Amy Winson on Vimeo.

This piece is really simple and follows a similar structure of shapes like Mike’s work. The day I made this, I started off really scared not knowing where to start until I got to the end which now makes me feel brave enough to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. Because of Mike I now feel like I can experiment and try new things and I also now look at my work in a different aspect completely as I think working with geometrical shapes and strong colour palettes can have a strong outcome to a piece.

Whitworth Gallery

I have recently visited the Whitworth Gallery on a University trip to help inspire our minds in order to open ourselves to new ideas and challenges. I felt some of the things in the gallery was a bit too simple for me, something that I didn’t like was one of the 3D pieces where it was a rug with a chair on. I felt like their was no narrative behind this and it was just something that we see everyday therefor can’t be significance to art.

However I did find some elements that really inspired me.

Whitworth GalleryHere shows a piece that I really love. It reminds me of people running and reminds me of something that could be seen in a sports commercial. I also like how the colours are very simple and this design focuses on minimalism. This is a modern way of design and the modern way of thinking to keep things simple. It also creates the idea of less is more which is something that I learnt in my seminar with Anna. This is something that Modernists support however isn’t what Post Modernists agree with.

I also really like the following to the left below. I really like this due to the way the typography is slightly distorted with several layers. I think this design even though its Black & White is really fun, bold andvery rememberable. I also liked the piece below to the right.I liked this due to the colour and the way this piece can be seen from every angle. This is something that can be really hard to do due to the piece being 3D and each way you view the piece needs to be just as strong.

Whitworth GalleryWhitworth Gallery









Today I visited Manchester to explore Graffiti. I was stunned by my findings. Every time I turned a corner on Hilton Street, I was gob smacked by another piece of highly detailed and picturesque piece of artwork. I noticed their was a variety of styles that I found:

Minimalism graffiti – use of two colours, sense of 3D and use of contours to enhance certain areas for example cheekbones. Below shows the strongest pieces that I think follow this style.

Rainbow graffiti – use of more than 4 colours, vibrant, use of bold thick outlines, sense of graphics in the work. Below shows a few pieces that I think follow this idea.

Dark graffiti – use of darker colours, sets a moody tone, often to do with a person or event. Below shows this style of work.

I found these pieces on Hilton and Port Street in Manchester. I would love to see more pieces  and if anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment below! For more info for where I found these pieces, comment below or drop me an email!

Design Print Week Manchester

I recently visited the Design Print Event in Manchester where several artists, illustrators, graphic designers and others was exhibiting their work which could be looked at and purchased. I really loved this as it showed designers like myself putting their work out in the real world and trying to be successful.

I really loved the work which I have attached a picture of above as it’s really colourful, fun and uses a range of different techniques including screen printing. I can see this work uses a lot of geometric shapes and vivid colours. This is something I have lately been really inspired by and have been trying to incorporate into my work moving forward.

Below shows a piece where it was plasterboard on the outside with little holes dotted around. On the outside it looked basic and boring. However when I looked inside the holes, big letters in different typography and colours was inside lit up in neon lighting. I felt like this was really interesting as from the outside it looked like nothing but from the inside it had a complete different meaning. I can see from what I have learnt in my lectures that this design has followed the idea about less is more and modernism.

Guest Speaker – Peter O’toole

I had Peter O’toole as a guest speaker last week. When he first begin his presentation I thought he that he didn’t had the same interests as me as his work seemed more to do with illustrations. As the presentation went on, a lot of things caught my eye about Peter. His love for Adidas. His illustrations and Graphics revolved a lot around Sports brand (commercial graphics) and this is something that really fascinates me. He did a piece with a lot of shoes and it caught my eye straight away, It looked really cool and I loved the colour scheme which he focused on blues and greens.

I decided not to take notes for this talk. He didn’t have any text slides but a lot of really interesting images and instead I can still see his art work in my head now. In his lecture he goes on to discuss how after a long time of trying and trying and failed attempts for jobs he was found by Adidas who had seen the piece of work he had done years before and even got the opportunity to design another and his own shoes. This is something I thought was really interesting, not because of all the cool business events and meeting all these people but mainly because he kept going and kept going and believed in himself to get to where he is. The main point I took from this guest speaker is that having archives of work and keeping it on the web is a good thing as it may come back up which is exactly what happened with his work. I am happy to know I am going in the right direction as I have been working on building work and blogs up on my own website for a future employer to see. I feel very influenced to Peter’s story and work and this is someone very iconic and influential because of how he had a lot of fail attempts to get to where he is now.

Peter O’toole Website –